Responsive Web Design:
Why Your Website Needs It

Today we’re gonna take a look at what is responsive web design. As a business owner, I’m sure you have been browsing around the web on your mobile device or your tablet and run into a website where you need sort of pinch and zoom and move around with your thumb. When you try to press a very small link with your finger and hope you get the right one. If you don’t you have to go back and redo the whole process again. Well, responsive web design aims to get rid of that whole problem by presenting the best website layout possible depending on the device or screen size the user is using to access your website. For example, desktop browser has larger space for your website to display wide variety of information, while on a smartphone, it’s gonna be very compact very vital information only with bigger buttons kind of website. That’s essentially what responsive web design is. We live in this really exciting time where you can access the web through all these different amazing devices, like tablet, smartphone, wearable and etc.

Responsive Web Design

Let’s say you design something for a piece of paper, the paper is always the same size and you’re always working within that. Whereas something on the web it could be on a 2048 pixel wide resolution screen or a screen that’s 420 pixels wide. So instead of being frustrated by that constraint, accept it and recognize that there’s a ton of really awesome things you can do with that. In fact, a website like that is much more accessible than just a standard printed page because you could pull your phone out any time you want and access the web whereas typically people don’t carry a book in their pocket.

So what exactly is responsive web design? Simply put, responsive web design is a website which adapts to its environment to provide the best possible web experience for the person accessing your site not matter from a desktop computer, a smaller laptop, a very small smartphone or a reasonably sized tablet.

If you just run over to Google and punch in something like responsive web design gallery or something like that there are lots of people who have curated cool lists of different responsive web sites and you can sort of just test drive them and scroll in and out and kind of see how they’re gonna change based on the resolution of your monitor. Then you can go ahead and pull one up on your tablet or smartphone and see if it changes. 

Furthermore, responsive web design is going to provide a pleasing website experience which is going to respond to the different needs and the things that are required for different devices in the hands of different users. Mobile users need things like larger buttons, right you don’t want the pinch and zoom and try to tap a tiny little text link in a navigation bar. Large thumb friendly buttons are a good thing so you can use your phone with one hand. Also, vital information should load first in a smaller screen with less screen real estate. For example, if you’re running an airline company you’re probably not going to put a big gallery of images or a big slider on your mobile website. This is because if somebody is accessing your website on the go it is likely they need to search and book a flight.  so if you can think ahead and plan ahead you can design an even more effective responsive website for your visitor.

Why Your Website Needs Responsive Web Design

The smartphones has been evolving how people interact with the Internet. Nowadays, everyone has smartphones with them. They constantly interacting and searching information online. In many countries, the number of smartphones has exceeded the number of personal computers. Therefore, it has become a vital part of maintaining an online presence to have a mobile-friendly website. A site can be difficult to access and use on a mobile device if not mobile-friendly. In order to read the text, a non-mobile-friendly site disturbs users with pinch or zoom. This is a frustrating experience for users and they are likely to bounce from the website . The mobile-friendly version, however, improve readability and instantly available for users navigation through other pages.

For the reasons above, Google has been confirmed it would ranks mobile optimized website higher in the mobile search. Responsive web design is also a good practice recommended by Google. Hence, you mobile-friendly website is like to rank better than others which are not in the mobile search. As a business, it means your website is more likely to be discovered by your potential customers. 

In conclusion

The internet is no longer exclusively used by personal computers, and the use of the internet on mobile devices is growing daily. You need a nice looking website with a responsive web design, i.e. designed for mobile surfing, if you don’t want to lose potential customers. Noted that, we understand the importance of responsive web design. Therefore, our website design package is inherently with responsive design in mind.