Website and Facebook Page:
Your Business Needs Both

Facebook is a great place to start off your business presence online for FREE. Who don’t like the free stuff, right? So, people might ask why do you still need a website for your business? Well, some others may say it depends on your audience. While part of the statement is true that it does depend upon your audience, the person who is saying this understands what they are talking about but not necessarily those businesses who are seeking guidance and help. In this article, we will be sharing with you the details why do you need facebook page, and more importantly, a website to grow your local business online.

Understanding Your Target Audience

First, you really need to take a deeper look beyond the first layer when it comes to your target audience. You need to put yourself in your customer shoes and look at it from your audience’s perspective. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide, undeniably, Facebook is the biggest social network on earth. However, it is not necessarily true that you should use Facebook solely to grow your business presence online. 

Recall the last time when you are looking for a product or services, where were you searching for? My bet is on Google instead of social media like Facebook, right? When it comes to validating a company before consumers make a purchase, having a website legitimizes your brand. It allows potential prospects to understand who you are, what you do and how to connect with you. Therefore, bridging the gap between consumer and business’s trust. Also having a website allows your business to become an authority in the industry when content significantly impacts the business decision. In today’s world, consumers expect business to have a website and they want information that they are seeking immediately. It is a known fact that 97% of consumers go online to find and research local businesses. A website today is like the yellow pages of the past. Back then if you were not in the yellow pages you weren’t considered one of those who owned a business. And today if you do not have a website the perception is you do not have a business. I know as a fact there are consumers out there who won’t even look at a business unless they have a website. Consumers use and consume approximately three sources before they make an individual purchasing decision. Hence, Facebook page alone does not enough. If you just have a Facebook page won’t drive your marketing efforts online.

In reality, the freemium nature of Facebook page imposes a number of limitations as compared to a business website. Therefore, as a business you should not rely solely on Facebook page to grow your local business presence online and here is why.

Website and Facebook Page: The Untold Truth

1) Limited Design and Branding

Although there are various Facebook page templates you can choose from and customize the tabs, cover, profile picture of your Facebook page, your Facebook page, after all, look still like Facebook. Your audiences will not be able to clearly tell the difference between you and your competitor. In contrast, a well-designed business website build your company reputable branding image. Your business website not only offers visitors valuable information about your products and services, it can better delivery your Unique Selling Proposition as compared to your competitors.

2) Visibility

Research shows a typical Facebook user increased their total number of page likes by 50 percent in 2016. The more pages someone likes, and the more friends they have, the more competition businesses have to fight for the limited space on their feed. Google, on the other hand, handled a whopping 89.95% of all online searches as of 2019. To have a strong business presence on Google, you must operate a real website, in addition to your social media profiles. Furthermore, a website if build right with consistent efforts competition will significantly decrease over time. Conversely, Facebook competition is only likely to increase. Whereby, there are now more than 40 million active small business Pages on Facebook and growing. 

3) Controllability

Facebook algorithm keep changing and it is much harder to get organic growth. While social media can help your business grow do not bank on using it as your sole marketing channel. Your Facebook page is subject to the effects of Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm. Relying on third-party sites means following their terms of service, like it or not. Whereas, you have the total control of your business website.

4) Creditability

While the benefit of Facebook page is twofold, Facebook page is free, it also implies that anybody can create one easily without having to verify that you are a legitimate business. In contrast, the maintenance of website cost money and time, only legitimate and serious businesses are willing to do so. It, therefore, builds creditability and trust between your business and your customer online. In fact, 30% of consumer would not consider a business without a website.

In Conclusion

Many businesses are using social media platforms to build audiences where their target personas spend most of their time. Then, they are using their website to generate leads and nurture those leads into customers. So the bottom line is that your business will need both. You need a Facebook page, but you also need a website and both of them should complement each other. Your Facebook page should have a link to you website and you website should have a link to your social media platform. So you can capture both audiences and you are not missing out on potential sales or opportunities. It gives your audience also the ability to consume two sources within the purchase decision process.

Noted that we use Facebook as illustration in this article, however, the limitations mentioned apply generally to all social media platforms.